"Thank you for the inspiration, our wide awake quarterback, a team that listened to you and was fit and well rested... Your wisdom, wit, and ability to deliver a message impacted our staff and team!! I am an official Dr. Maas cult member per Peyton Manning and many other folks in athletics around the country! I am a true fan and I do deeply believe in the facts I've learned and read from you!"

Duke Varsity Football Team, Head Coach David Cutcliffe,
Duke Varsity Football Team, Head Coach David Cutcliffe

"Great - explains a lot; I certainly didn't fall asleep during this one!  Eye opening experience for me - definitely need to make some changes in my life; This was the best tool I walked away with; This was a reminder of the need for balance; Very interesting wake up call; Very interesting - the room was listening.  Not information you are usually exposed to and it's very important to your success and your family; This was extraordinary and I plan on trying it; Great! I plan to implement to improve my quality of life. Nice change of pace and extremely informative; Amazing -life altering."

United Fresh Produce Dev. Program,
United Fresh Produce Dev. Program

"You topped the chart again at the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management.  First out of forty-three presentations on our program for 'overall value of the session'."

Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management,
Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

"This was one of our best attended events, and one that is making a lasting impact on our staff.  We wanted to pass along some of the excellent feedback we’ve received:"

“This was a fabulous event.  I thought the speaker was engaging and his presentation was fascinating.  Loved having both the research and practical tips!”

“The content was fascinating and the speaker was very engaging.”

“The topic was very relevant to everyone.  The speaker was polished and funny.”

D.E. Shaw & Co.,
D.E. Shaw & Co.

“Jim, you were outstanding - certainly the hit of the meeting for the SC Johnson Global Conference.”

H.Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO,

“You were the overall highest rated speaker for the IBM “Pathways to Growth” Conference (for 2,700 corporate CEO’s and Presidents). The program included twelve different distinguished speakers. Dr. Maas is a fabulous speaker. He knows his stuff and articulates it well! It literally woke up a lot of CEO’s! You were the highest rated (5 out of 5) on content, virtually tied for the best delivery (4.64), and you were second (4.82) on subject importance”

Mike Lintner, former Executive Development Officer, IBM,

"When in competition or heavy training, sleep is the most important factor in achieving my optimal athletic performance. I need at least 8 hours of sleep a night for me to feel fully recovered and energized to play my absolute best. If I don't meet my sleep requirement, my legs feel heavy, my reaction time is slower and my ability to think and  act quickly is negatively affected."

Rebecca Johnston, 2010 Olympics Hockey Gold Medalist for Team Canada,