Is Your Team Struggling to Stay Focused?

Dr. James Maas has worked with over ___ sports teams, making him the top choice for sleep consulting. Through a vigorous program designed specifically for your team, you will definitely see the difference on the field.

What You will Discover...

  • The latest SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS on the importance of sleep for greater athletic performance.
  • Why most athletes are SLEEP DEPRIVED and what are the serious consequences for thinking, performance, productivity, health, and lifespan.
  • What are SLEEP SPINDLES and how they can improve athletic performance overnight.

  • What are the four GOLDEN RULES and ten sleep strategies that will create a great night’s sleep.
  • How sleep helps PREVENT INJURY and reduces recovery time.
  • How POWER NAPS reduce the effects of sleep deprivation.
  • What is the exact AMOUNT OF SLEEP athletes require for peak performance.
  • How STIMULANTS such as energy drinks, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are detrimental to performance.
  • How behavior therapy cuts time for getting to sleep in half and what ELECTRONICS must be avoided before bed.
  • How to establish a great BEDROOM ENVIRONMENT for maximum sleep quantity and quality.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Maas?

Dr. Maas is one of the world’s most sought after corporate, medical and athletic team speakers. He has presented highly acclaimed programs for such organizations as the National Basketball Association, National Football League, and the National Hockey League. His clients include: the New York Jets, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Ottawa Senators, the Colorado Avalanche, the St. Louis Blues, the Nashville Predators, the U.S. and Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Teams, the Orlando Magic, and numerous Olympic gold medalists. Dr. Maas’ book, Power Sleep, is a New York Times best-seller and published in 12 languages. Sleep for Success! is designed for athletes, business executives, students, and parents. Sleep to Win! focuses on secrets to unlocking athletic excellance in every sport. There have been over 200 articles in the popular press about Dr. Maas’ work on sleep and performance. He appears frequently on national television programs such as the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, The View and Oprah.

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